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Today, I was pleasantly surprised that upon opening the Naim app, all artists who have ‘The’ in the name are now sorted, ignoring the ‘The’.

However, this works only from my IPhone … when looking at the same view (Artist/Album) these are all under the letter T … without ignoring the ‘The’

Any thoughts?

Same view, but now from my ipad:

Looks like the A-Z sort is set to Server Default on iPhone & Alphabetical on the iPad.
Touch the ‘A-Z’ to swap them around
(this is being looked at again by Naim in beta test)

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Thanks! This helps a lot :smiley:

I don’t use my iphone much and it turns out I had the same issue. Thanks for the heads up to the OP and to you for the solution.

As an aside, can someone remind me of the difference b/w Artist/Album and Artist in the folder options? I know Artist/Album is preferred but I don’t recall the difference b/w the two.

Artist is the performer of the track, Album Artist the performer of the album, they’re usually the same, unless there is a guest artist or the album artist is “Various Artists”.

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Not for me, where the majority of my library is Classical music.

Album artist is, say, Beethoven,Ludwig van
whilst (Track) Artist - i.e. performing artist - is, say, Karajan,Herbert von
or Abbado,Claudio
plus the name of the orchestra.

it all gets rather confusing :grinning:

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