Asset UPnP R6.3 Release

If you haven’t spotted it, there’s a new Asset UPnP release available - R6.3.

Changes from R6.2 include
Made transcoded MP3 bitrate configurable via webconfig (Linux)
Made possible to edit database fields through configuration dialogs/pages
Made device ID generation consistent with Windows version of Asset, should fix certain devices being unable to show more than one Asset instance
Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode compatible[/b]
Improved behavior of playlists referencing external storage on Mac OS.
Fixed missing Composer info when browsing.
Added automatic recovery from database file corruption; should address problems with Asset completely failing to see music for some users.
Added Mac OS Catalina compatible code signing.

Existing users update for free, look out for the “Existing Registered users update with Registration Retrieval” at the bottom of the Buy page


Thanks Mike

Thanks for the heads-up. With no automatic notifications of new releases, it is handy to have others keeping an eye on it. Downloaded and installed the versions for QNAP and synology without any issues.

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Thanks for that Mike. I will trundle over there now.

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I always worry that my browse tree will be messed up by an update. Could anyone confirm whether or not this happens? Thanks!

Fear not, if you install the update rev over the old, the browse tree & all the config settings are untouched.

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Cheers Mike, I’ll try to remember how to do it. Eeek!!

Can’t help with QNAP, Synology is touch the install button & browse to wherever the software package is. In my case I download it into a Windows folder & install it from there

As per Mike’s response.I dropped 6.3 onto 6.2 without disasters.

I used the QNAP update. App centre. Top right icon “manual install”. Just point at the update you have downloaded. It takes about one minute.

All done! I’ve noticed that new albums no longer show up virtually instantly in the Naim app, and require a rescan. I do hope it’s just an initial glitch.

I did not have that problem, it all showed up as before, instantly as you said.
Maybe your’s went into a scan straight after your update, who knows.
I don’t have the config set to do a regular rescan, the box is not ticked. I just run a check for changes when I load a new album,

I have noticed the same problem, I thought it was just me.

I think I’ll raise it on the asset forum, if I can remember my password. I have the asset config screen directly accessible from my iPad so it’s not a big deal, but I’d rather it be as it was.

I’ve just rebooted the NAS just in case it needed it. If it persisted I’d have flagged in the Asset forum.

Are you saying that rebooting fixed the issue? Have you added albums since rebooting to check?

No I just thought I’d do one anyway to eliminate it. Just testing now to see if it has made any difference.

The QNAP reboot hasn’t helped.

I won’t do that then! I see you’ve posted on the dBpoweramp forum on the thread I started, so we each know we are not alone. Let’s see what Mr Spoon has to say. Hopefully it can be fixed.

It’ll be a simple fix, some code has probably been commented out during the development of the new release and not been put back.
Mr Spoon is usually very prompt in responding and others may post too now they know it’s not just them.

@hungryhalibut @Guinnless I’ve had a fiddle around with my Synology & it seems I might have a problem after all. Can you confirm its the same problem as you have
When I open any of the browse paths - e.g.Album/Artist Album - it shows all the album cover art listed instantly.
I select an album it shows straightaway on the iPad with cover art & all the tracks.
When I touch load & play, it takes a few seconds to load, play & to show on the now playing screen. Its not a problem other than its not loading & playing instantly as it did before - is this the same as you guys.