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To try to overcome the problem of incorrect track sequencing using the Naim app and my PC I downloaded Asset. Initially it worked fine and tracks were in the correct order. However when Asset finished scanning my music library the Naim app shows that I have 11700 albums each with 1 single track. Album artwork is displayed 10 times if the original album has 10 tracks. All tracks can be played but only one at a time.
I will rescan the library but does anyone have any pointers? I find Asset parameters somewhat confusing.

I suggest you post the question on the dBpoweramp Asset forum

Hi @Thruster04 I am an Asset user. Have you assigned the AlbumArtist tags? The AlbumArtists tag is the tag to identify which tracks belong to the same Album

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Almost certainly the album tags are incorrect. Are the files CD rips or downloads? If CD rips what did ripper did you use? Unfortunately I don’t think rescanning the library will fix things, you need to sort the tags and with that many albums it will be a pain. I find mp3tag on Windows very good and quick for bulk edits.

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How did you rip the albums? Are they by any chance ripped on a UnitiServe and still in WAV?

That’s not actually correct. Half of my albums - those originally ripped on a UnitiServe - don’t have that field populated and they work fine. It’s the album tag that assigns the tracks to an album, as the name suggests. Album artist is to assign a single artist to the overall album, and can be useful where individual tracks have different artists.

Also Musicbrainz Picard does a good job.

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Step 1 is to know if the albums are Naim WAV rips. If they are, the answer is to get the Naim to convert them to flac. If on the other hand they are standard rips or downloads, then it’s worth investigating how Asset is being used. It may be as simple as having inadvertently chosen to search by track rather than album. There are lots of ways to customise Asset using the browse tree, but the default settings will allow a simple search by artist or album, for example.

@hungryhalibut yep, you are correct

Very confusing! I rescanned the library and as the 1st photo shows, the Naim app sees 8 examples of Evidence

Clicking on the first plays 1 track.

Clicking on the second reveals the entire album with the correct running order and all tracks play.

Other albums are handled differently with no two affected in the same way.
I think I need to talk to Asset!

!. What did you use to rip them?
2. Can we see the metadata tags for two tracks off the album. (if the metadata is wrong you will not get correct indexes).
3. Can we see your Asset config settings (2 screenshots).
4. Have you changed the default Asset browse tree (in Asset configuration) which is the presentation options you see when you select Server or UPnP on your Naim App?

AssetUPNP is brilliant but you have an issue to resolve - then all will be magic.

AssetUPnP normally works “out of the box” once you have added the location of your music.
The Asset configuration lets you fine tune it with lots of options later.

Here are my Asset configuration settings.
They work - I have 22,000 tracks and 2,000 albums.

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Have you tried MinimServer? I have no issues with that and I do not use the AlbumArtist tag.

This is not an Asset problem, something is missing or not set up correctly & I suspect its in whatever ripping software the OP used.
It would be nice to learn the answers to some of the questions that were asked.

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If the ripped metadata is wrong then your solution will not likely work either.

The OP needs to diagnose the problem first to best determine the solution.
That is why we asked for more info.

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Suggest use mp3tag to check the tags from all the tracks from a single album. If the tags are wrong then correct and then get asset to rescan.

I’ll have some time to work through the various questions and suggestions next year!:joy:

Can someone explain how to update Asset for QNAP to the latest version. I’m still running v6.4 I believe. Perhaps @Mike-B . Thanks

Sorry I’ll not be much help for you as I’m a Synology user, I’ve worked on QNAP’s for other people but not updating,

The Asset forum has a thread on installing with QNAP
Asset UPnP DLNA QNAP Installation

In the worst case scenario that all your music metadata is wrong in the files (after first checking with something like MP3TAG) then you can use a product called “MusicBrainz Picard” which will optionally go through all your music files, and attempt to correct them based on a couple of different criteria.

Of course you might decide to restore from backup to before you used Asset uPnP, in which case you might still need to check the metadata using MP3TAG