Astell & Kern Kann Alpha not impressed

Well had one of these for a few days. It’s built solidly and does sound stunning. Shame the rest of it lets it down. Battery does not live up to advertised 14.5 hrs, no where near it It lost 20% over night doing nothing, auto power off does no such thing. It has very poor WiFi and doesn’t get good signal strength or connection at all even when it’s so near the AP. It won’t roam to other WiFi access points with same SSID in the house which everything else does. UI is a tad laggy for £1000 device I expect silky smooth and my experience with their support not great either. Overall it looks premium, feels premium but it is far from it from a user experience. I need WiFi as was looking at it as a house mobile headphone endpoint for Roon, they added Roon to it recently and it works but is so limited by the issues experienced. I really wanted to reduce my boxes as hoped it would replace all my other headphone stations and have just one. It was not to be.

That’s not good, I use my A&K SR15 as my office Qobuz player into headphones or active speakers. This is via WiFi and I find it works very well, comms. is much better than my SuperUniti on WiFi.

I agree on the battery life though, the SR 15 runs warm and does lose a bit of battery capacity over a month or so but then again, it isn’t as bad as 20% overnight, that would be very annoying.

I use an A&K SR25. I have dozens of my favourite albums stored and if I ever use it indoors, WiFi works well. Battery life is excellent, I can use it for five or six hours on an away coach to rugby games and still have 60+% at the end of the day. The main issue I have is that the text is very small and my poor close up eyesight are not a great combination.

My Sony player has fantastic battery life, even now at over 6 years old. At one point it did mysteriously start chewing the battery really fast, even when not in use. I had disabled quite a few non-essential functions (especially any Google related stuff as I don’t trust them) but it seemed like the more things I turned off, the faster it drained. Eventually I did a factory reset and normal service was resumed. Playing from internal storage it will last for ages, the figure quoted in the manual is something like 60 hours playing 16/44.1 from internal SD card, which is probably a bit optimistic, but still, I wonder if you have some settings that are not helping.

It’s brand new nothing changed from defaults it doesn’t have any Google stuff installed it’s their own barebones Android no play store nothing. Thier support said it must be a bad battery, but I have seen posts about this same behaviour on forums after searching for it.

WiFi is an old chip in this unit and onky 2.4ghz. The fact it barely registers any signal and doesn’t connect at a decent rate or strength directly under the ap makes me question it’s reliability. Again other user have commented on poor WiFi experience. The more expensive models come with dual band which would help here but just 2.4ghz in 2021 product is lame really. I had issuess with iBasso and poor WiFi implementation but that was a budget model. My Hiby R5 works perfectly and has dual band. Listening to it now it sounds great as well so really do have to wonder why the A&K are so expensive it’s not that much of a difference going back to my Hiby.

Anyway arranged a return it’s not worth the money in my eyes.

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