At last one very happy Naim owner

Well my system changed alot the last few months and today out with the 300dr and in with a 500dr.
Well even cold it has completely blown me away and I dont say that lightly. The sound has just grown so wide I can hardly believe it, the 300dr sounded lovely on the fact 12’s, but this is just so much different, but so much nicer and I can see why people talk about the 552/500 combo so much and think I have just found my happy spot with my amp, pre and speakers iny room at last.
So glad I made the jump now, it was a big one moving away from my active set up, but it was not even in the same league as this.
Can only wait as the amp warms up and the speakers burn in, but if this is a low point I cant wait for the highs.

Cheers to naim for making these great bits of kit and I am so happy that I have the pleasure to enjoy them.


Did the same last week…ex demo 552/500 dr but new burndies and powerlines. The music is powerful, agile, delicate and just draws you in. Congratulations👍


Brilliant, great to hear Dunc. Someone else on this forum has the same amp & speakers as you and is equally happy with his musical marvel.


Best regards, BF

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Really happy with the fact 12’s as they are easy to position and seem to work in just about any room. With miy room being a bit difficult they just had to be tried and glad i did, as just sat them down and straight away they sounded great and now i have moved them around they sound even better, plus i have been able to push them further into the corners without them going off and have gained better image from doing so.

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Is that a Solid Sounds rack??

Yes it is and for the money its very good.
I would have liked the naim one, but the wife hated the way it looks and i didnt like the price, this looks more furniture than hifi, but with all the right bits to help it work

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Interesting to hear!! I’ve heard the benefits of a full Fraim set up (not mine!!!) and the result was indisputable, but as you said these look more like furniture and if they perform well I might be tempted to get a quote

For what it’s worth, and without any thought to this forum, for me a full Fraim in the right colour in the right room aesthetically is absolutely stunning…

I like the naim rack and i would have had one, but as i said the wife didnt like it one bit. A good compromise i think and cheap in comparison


Another full 500 set up drops on the forum. This is turning into an avalanche! Congrats to all of those 500 owners. :sunglasses::+1:


Quick listen this morning for 20 minutes and still cant get over the difference the 500dr has made.
It just sounds so real, I am loving it.
Quick pic of the rack for reference


Thanks! :grin::wink:

Whilst I dont have a 500, I’m an happy owner too :slight_smile:

I recomment you to Stayawayment.



Fact 12s and the 500 amps are a marriage made in Hi-Fi heaven for me. Definitely producing a delicate sound of thunder. The 500 will take a while to relax too.

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After the disappointing rugby result today, listening to vinyl with the dogs


And what about the P8?


P8 with superline and airplug, sounds fine thanks, just a shame i dont have more bits of plastic to put on it.
But i tend to buy the albums that i like on both high res and vinyl.
Sounds quite different to the NDS and melco rips, sometimes i prefer it and other times i dont, i guess it all depends on your mood?
But just about everything i put through my system now sounds good, its just somethings sound fantastic and so real

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I was looking at possibly getting one of these racks. How you finding it quality wise? Also does it give a burndy enough room to hang? Thanks in advance. Looks like a great system!

Hi Dunc,
A suggestion that may bring even more musical joy, so long as your mains & speaker cables will reach. Like you, I had the brain stack on the right and the brawn on the left as you look at them face on. This places the brawn stack transformers almost next to the brain components. Swapping the brain & brawn stacks over moves the mains transformers (and cables) further away from the brain components and brought a discernable improvement to these cloth ears on our system, which is less revealing than yours.

It’s a free upgrade which can always be reversed if you don’t like it.

Best regards, BF

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