AT MC Cartridges

My OC9/iii has lost it’s sparkle, the top end is sounding quite rounded off now, so I think it’s had it’s day. I’ve been pretty happy with it, so I’m thinking of staying with the brand, but should I stick with the OC9 or try the 33 PTG/ii?

I’ve seen the OC9/ii on a few sites. I remember the ii was better thought of than the iii on the old forum, but are they worth the risk? Are they now very old stock or does AT still make them? They still seem to be listed on AT’s own site…

I could go up to the ART-9, but I think the money would be better put towards a Lingo 4 or Kore perhaps. Unless we think the ART-9 (or some other cartridge at this price) is definitely worth it?

TT is an LP12 (obvs.)/Cirkus/Herc/AO Uniarm -> Lehmann Black Cube SE -> SN2.


The last II I bought was early last year and it was just as good as I remembered. Don’t think anyone’s stock would be that old as to be done for already. It was always a decent seller, so I wouldn’t expect those to have gone bad (that takes many years).

As for your question, I wouldn’t go higher on the cartridge if you haven’t done those other upgrades.

i thought it was on air tight cartridges…AT too

What risk?

On the advice of a senior member here, my dealer fitted an OC9ML/ II in, I think, November, and I am chuffed to the nutts with it. The synergy is superb with my Linn’s Ittok LVII and Stageline S.

Haven’t heard the 33 PTG/ II.

I’d say you are right to sink no more on the cartridge than this, so that funds are available for deck upgrades. That’s my approach too.

I had the original OC-9 which I think I preferred to my later Linn Arkiv on the whole, but annoyingly trashed it one Christmas after several beers playing novelty records for friends :tired_face:

It was in my view better than the OC-9 II with a better (flatter) high frequency response, but I’m still using an old OC-9 II on my LP12 and it’s always quite impressive though I’m seriously wondering if it’s also lost a bit of sparkle. I have another with much less use on a different turntable and ought to swap them over, but my eyesight isn’t what it was!

I’m not sure if I’d go for an OC-9 III these days, hunt for an OC-9 II, or maybe look at several other AT cartridges in a similar price range - there seem to be several variants of some which is rather confusing.

Thanks all.

Sounds like the ii would be a good choice. Or maybe try the 33 for a change.

I’ll flip a coin.

Suspect you won’t go wrong with any AT in that kind of price range - excellent bang for the buck so to speak.

My favourite cartridge with an LP12/Ittok was the Denon DL304, when the second died of collapsed suspension it was no longer imported to the UK. Deemed uneconomic to rebuild, I tried various others and following a bit of luck got a Transfiguration Axia S for 20% off. I loved it, but it was mysteriously damaged and in between times the cost of an exchange had risen to almost twice what I had paid. I was offered a repair which initially seemed good, but during the heat of last summer started to ride lower and lower. There had only been a short warranty so I felt comfier looking for a replacement.
Second choice had been an AT33EV, a musical option (I have never enjoyed the OC9, too hifi/brash for my taste), but liked the delicacy of the Transfiguration stylus profile. After a couple of conversations I decided to get an AT 33 PTGii, 50+ hours in I am not disappointed, at 25% of the current cost of an Axia S, it certainly demonstrates diminishing returns.
In short, go for it.

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