At this point which upgrade, if any?

For some time now I have updated my system by inserting the Matrix 2 power strip (using a standard Naim cable) and a digital cable + analogue cable both Chord Epic.
In the future (funds and time to choose and test permitting) I will consider an upgrade of the speakers if I deem it necessary.

At the moment, however, I would like to know what I could consider as a (small but good) upgrade from the following options:

  1. upgrade of NACA5 (and if so, stay on Chord EpicX for homogeneous system wiring even if a Naim Snaic is involved, or just focus on the Nap 200DR -> Harbeth link?);
  2. upgrade of the standard power cable of the Nap 200DR (but I don’t intend to invest so much in a Powerline);
  3. upgrade of the standard Naim power cable that I have on the Matrix2 power strip (non-Naim hifi products are also connected to the power strip).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, indications or shared experiences.

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Hi David

It’s not quite clear what you are trying to achieve as everything sounds rather a mish mash, but maybe just how I am interpreting it.
I personally haven’t got on with Chord Epic and I moved away from it a few years ago.

You say the matrix shares with other non Naim equipment, is it all Hifi equipment?

Best Popeye

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According to your profile you do not have a Napsc. If that’s the case, get one of them.

I’m not convinced that changing from the standard mains cables is a good idea, unless you are moving to Powerlines. A dedicated mains supply will do more for less money.

So if it were me I’d do dedicated mains and get a Napsc.


Hi Popeye,
thanks for your participation.
I try to clarify:
I chose the Matrix 2 after two weeks compared to the Naim by Music Line, because I liked it more even using a simple standard Naim cable … also (but this is my next consideration) the Matrix 2 is a power strip designed for its universal hifi (different brands) purpose and applications unlike the Music Line which is more suitable only for Naim products.
Yes, the Matrix 2 shares Naim with other Hi-fi “non Naim” equipment only.

I chose Chord Epic as digital and analogue cables after various advice, suggestions and indications from different people, experts and dealers.
But that’s not to say that I should necessarily evaluate Chord EpicX as speaker cables.

That’s why I ask people with much more experience than me what to do, what they would do in my place.
I hope I was a bit clearer.

Thank you, HH.
Yes, this could be another (valid and not particularly expensive) option to consider as well.

I see. Do you have areas that you want to improve on specifically, sound wise?
Or are you just wanting an upgrade?

It looks like you are looking for a running improvement if I read your post correctly.
I am not a believer in ‘homogeneous’ wiring, its good for making people feel harmonious, but electricity couldn’t care less. You will be hard pushed & probably a lot poorer to better NACA5, some are as good and/or slightly different, but significantly better will cost.

My 1st choice for what you have would be the power cable into the Matrix-2, the stnd Naim cable is 0.75mm/2 & while its OK for your system (0.75mm is rated at 6amps) something larger such as 2.5mm/2 will be better & I would hope you will hear a real improvement.
I see you are in Luxemburg so a full fat PowerLine will not be a good idea as you will not be able to use the UK 13A plug. Look around the cable vendors for a good Schuko ended cable, if you want come back to this thread with a short list & get some forum’ite experience/recommendations on what you choose.


If your mains power supply cannot be changed or improved, a NAPSC and the continental version of the Powerline with a Schuko plug into the power strip would be my first relatively inexpensive step(s) if you buy good, used items.

I would keep the standard Naim interconnects and NACA5 speaker cable and make sure that the units are well supported and the cables well dressed (i.e. avoid a birds nest or spaghetti arrangement behind your rack).

Get the basics right and enjoy better performance for little expense.

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Electricity couldn’t care less what it eats, although some dishes could change the tone, velocity and aroma of its farts.


Actually no specific area, I would like a general improvement, if possible of course, while maintaining the balance of musicality, neutrality, rhythm and speed that I have … maybe a higher resolution and definition.
In short, the usual things that we expects in an upgrade, but without the need to fix a specific problem or weakness…

Thanks for your suggestions.

For the Naca5 cables I proceeded as you can see in the picture, having read the instructions here on the forum …

While for the mains cables, any suggestion to better position and tie them together?

Yes, I read and heard good things about TQ Black II (the silver II is very good but too focus on the details and too much on clear side for my taste) and WitchHat Phantom…

The E.U. version of the Naim standard is 1.00mm…anyway, a part from the Powerline, the dealer suggested to try the Wireworld Electra mains cable for the Matrix 2…maybe on January I will test it, even if I don’t like its appearance…

The cables are best positioned to hang free of each other without touching each other or the floor. That ideal situation is often difficult or sometimes impossible to achieve. Search for “cable dressing” on the forum for many tips and discussions on how to achieve optimum positioning of the cables and what compromises or tricks might help.

The way you have the speakers cables tied seems to be a good solution. Whatever you, do not tie the interconnects or power supply cables together in any way or form. As an exception, some people on the forum seem to use various combinations of cable ties, fishing line and elastic bands to keep the power supply cables and interconnects apart as far as possible.

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… IMO it’s unnecessaryly over complicated & priced accordingly.
Keep it simple is my advice, Naim Powerline type cable is all you need, a round section 3 core, maybe better insulation than PVC, maybe better than basic copper
I make my own BTW

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If you don’t have a napsc and have equipment that can take one, adding one is just about the best bang for buck available in the Naim world

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lift speaker cables off the floor, my advice.

How Antonio? Any proper recommendation in this regard?


You haven’t set a budget. I agree the recommendation for a NAPSC but frankly I would seek a used 282 which will come with.




box inserts would do, have them cut in tiny square pieces.

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I haven’t a specific budget, Lindsay, but at the moment not such as to replace the preamplifier (perhaps, I would see new speakers).
I know very well the considerable leap that the 282 would give and I know that many “Naim users” have tried the 282-200 combo, but I fear it would be a notable but intermediate upgrade: I would not then trigger further upgrades with the nac 282 to balance the system (for example hi-cap nap 250dr etc …)

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