Atc 19

Hi has anyone heard ATC 19 with nap 250dr plz.

Think there is quite the following for these speakers with many owning them around here, with most using them with the 250dr.

There is a lot of previous posts about them but naim hasn’t switched on the old reference posts just I believe.

I’m personally about to audition them with the 200dr and then also audition the active versions to see which I prefer. Hopefully, they will work in my room, I’m not really concerned with the amp being able to drive them, there’s plenty of poke within 200dr/250dr so I wouldn’t worry about that, it will just boil down to whether or not you like there sound.

I recently demoed on a 272-250dr. I found them overly detailed. For me they only fit certain styles of music, some were great, some was just off.

I listen to a wide variety of tunes, so they were not a fit for me.

ATC SCM19’s are great with a 250 . It was my set up for a couple of years.

I have 250DR driving my ATC SCM 19s. They are a great match and the 250DR powers them easily. I have a 282 but they sounded best with 252 which I had on home demo recently (& now ordered). The 19s have an open, detailed presentation with one of the best tweeter units I’ve heard on a speaker. The mid/bass driver is excellent too. They are not forgiving on poor recordings though.

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