ATC 40’s

Hi,I’m getting excessive movement of bass driver (left speaker only) this can happen even without actually playing anything,and also some crackling noise,again randomly,any ideas ?

I would drop ATC an email and include the serial number and see what they say.

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Yes,will do that,will probably swing by dealer Tuesday morning first,just to see if there’s something obvious,it’s very strange as sound wise all seems well. I’ll probably not use system for now,just in case it does any damage.

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Assume they are active? Sounds like an amp pack needs a look over

No they’re passive,Hcap,SN3.

Ok in the first instance power down and check all the leads and connections. Remove the hicap and see if the issue is still there , if not then likely a connection issue or hicap in dire need of service but unlikely if it’s a dr one. My guess is leads

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Reverse the speaker leads and check, I mean left to right.

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Thanks,am out at the moment,will follow suggestions later,by the way Hicap is DR

Just out of curiosity is it happening on all inputs?

Was using CD at the time,am still out and about,will try t/t later ,but your right that needs checking out .

If passive then not a speaker issue. Either the amp, or source. Does try with different source inputs selected - if it does on all then something to do with pre or power amp. (More diagnostics later.) If only on one input, then again more diagnostics later to save listing all possible tests.

Good point,have been using vinyl through today,upto now (around 8 albums) ,no issues,but will switch back to cd tomorrow to try and prove one way or another. The only problem is that when this occurs,it’s random,may not show itself straight away,will post my findings,thanks.I’ve already powered down and checked cables etc,didn’t find anything obvious,

If it is only periodic, you may have to switch sources several times and wait a while on each, to be sure. If only the one source (CD) it is either the source itself or the input circuitry, in which case the next thing having confirmed that would be to plug it into a different input on the amp (I’m not familiar with the SN3, but I think any other line level would work).

Again,a good plan,looks like I’ll be busy tomorrow,thanks for tips,much appreciated.

So it transpires that the problem was the Hcap,with that removed it’s all good. That getting boxed up to send off to Naim,in the meantime have decided to take advantage of a good trade in offer.I’m parting ways with the SN3,and taking 250,282 ,both new,looking forward to next week.


With the HiCap out of action do you have another one for use with the 250/282? If not you won’t be able to use them until yours come back from HQ.

Yes,am being loaned one for the few weeks it will take for repair.


Good stuff. I’m not familiar with the SN3 but the 282/HC/250 could easily be an end game system. Enjoy.

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Haha end game,I sincerely hope so,but never say never !


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