ATC Active and preamp suggestions

Hi all,
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Really, really enjoying my ATCSCM40A active.
More so now I sorted my streamer connection out with a switch and quality cables for my NDS/555DR.

Now I suppose I am in a bit of a limited upgrade space right now (not a bad place to be at all…)

If I were to upgrade , it would be my 252. Now the issue.

  1. 552 is off the table , perhaps for ever due to cost.
  2. What is a better preamp than a 252 for similar price. I did look at ATC own SCA2 but not sure.
    0r 3. You are already there preamp wise and don’t bother as it will cost $$$$$$ over your budget to get noticeable better.

Thoughts ?

I used Chord Hugo TT (dac/pre) direct to SCM40A and the sound was stunning. Cost is around £1500 on eBay at the moment. You could also consider a new Hugo TT 2. I prefer the less ‘incisive’ sound of the original TT which I perceive to be smoother and warmer.

No need for dedicated preamp if you only have digital sources, it will only degrade transparency/sq.

I have been wondering about an audition of the Auralic Vega G2, i think a couple of people on here have had a positive experience when listening…

Townshend Allegri+ is the answer to the OP my friends. :sunglasses:

Chag -


Naim and Chord Electronics are both UK companies offering premium products made in UK.

Auralic is a Chinese company, offering premium products made in China.

What’s the benefit or point if the op doesn’t have any analog sources?

What about trying Linn Klimax DSM one box straight into the ATC’s.

I use Linn ADSM straight into the SCM40A and this combo works great.

I am running my SCM40As with Auralic Vega G2. When I compared the latter with my previous 272/XPSDR, I preferred the Auralic by some margin. I hung on for a while after first hearing it, hoping a successor to the 272 would appear but eventually gave in to temptation and changed the system. The Auralic/ATC setup has a transparency to the source I find addictive, whilst also having a lively and engaging character leading to a level of musicality which I so much enjoyed in Naim land. Oh, and no buzzing transformers and plenty of “inky blackness”.


Seadog, why do you want to change your preamp? You have an excellent well balanced Naim system and risk upsetting that balance by changing parts of it. Of course there are preamps around the same price that some will say are “better” but that’s no guarantee you will find them so. If you are prepared to change everything in your front end and go for something like a dCs setup you might prefer the result, but there’s no guarantee.

If it were me, I’d go for option 3 and hope that, in a few years, used ND555s will start appearing at reasonable prices. In the mean time I’d be enjoying my music through an outstanding system.


ATC actives are amazing!!!

I’ve previously owned ATC SCM50ASL Classics for 18 years … when I had a larger listening room in the UK.

For the past year, using ATC 40A’s in my smaller New Zealand property … but still using the original ATC SCA2 Pre-amp purchased 20 years ago!

ATC is definitely built to last and the SCA2 is still currently available.

Instead of integrated circuits, it uses fully discrete Ultra-Low noise circuitry throughout.

Not sure if this is similar to the DR circuitry now used by Naim

Rodger, I may very well just stay as I am. I’ll try some different streamer / preamp setup combinations as I can. The Aurelio Vega does interest me. Only because I can add the master clock latter and improve the front end again.

I’ll wait end see.

second vote for the townshend allegri. match made in heaven

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I went from 252/SCDdR/ 300DR to Auralic Vega G2 feeding my ATC scm40 actives, and never looked back.its a wonderful combo, and very simple| elegant, with reduced box and wire count.
The sound to me is an upgrade over my Naim, but not knocking Naim for a second.I had many years of happiness with the NAIM boxes.
Well worth an audition, and the build quality of Auralic is up there with Naim.

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