ATC founder Billy Woodman RIP

just popped up on my FB feed. Sad loss of a man behind some legendary speakers.


He pursued his belief and created speakers focussing on sound quality, in particular low distortion (the bugbear of many speakers). Originally making just driver units, then full speakers, ATC have been at the forefront of serious professional music production for the best part of 5 decades. ATC’s move to be a direct hifi supplier may have been only in the latter half of that time, however their drivers have been used by a number of top speaker manufacturers, often unknown to users. It is testament to his approach to driver design that the fabulous 3 inch dome midrange unit ((SM75-150) that is the mainstay of all the brand’s upper range speakers, both pro and hifi, and has featured in so many other top speakers, was designed something like 40 years ago and is still in production today with just a few refinements over the decades.



Very sad news, Billy was one of hi-fi’s most consistent engineers. And good company with it.

That’s a great shame. What a legacy though.

Sad news, I wish the best to his family and hope that ATC will continue to build his legacy. I met him briefly at a hifi show at Heathrow some years ago. I just said that the speakers he was playing had a beautiful tone, and he seemed genuinely delighted. As soon as I could actually afford a pair, I did and I’m so happy to have the 50ASLs. Thanks Billy.


I was incredibly sad to hear this news, regrettably I never met the man who I regard as probably the finest loudspeaker designer of all time. His legacy and the joy he brought to so many is timeless. There must be hardly anybody on the planet who hasn’t been touched by his products, either because they own a pair, or because they fell in love with a record engineered, mixed or mastered on ATC.

Sincere condolences to all those around the world in the ATC family tonight, RIP Mr Woodman, I hope ATC will continue to build products to make you proud and will raise a glass in your honour while listening to mine…



I am very sad to hear about the death of Billy Woodman and my condolences to all those (including family) who knew him and loved him. He has left a very precious legacy and hope ATC will continue in the idea, method & spirit he created back in the 70’s.

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