ATC SCM-150ASL speakers

Has anyone heard ATC SCM-150AS with 552/500 if so how did he was impressed?

I’ve heard SCM-150 a few times, a friend has them.
He has the active ASLT, they are driven by Linn, currently a DSM pre=amp/streamer of some sort & LP12. (I’m not really sure on the Linn details)
They are installed in a fairly large room about 30 x 25m (or so) & a high ceiling.
They are stunning, really stunning, the whole room is filled with pure sound & even at high volumes it never seem to be stressed.
His music taste is many forms of classical & nothing else.
I suspect they will be very limited in a small room, unable to breath & not giving up their best.
And to me they are big chunky ugly boxes, the wood finish helps, but they are big.

this is one of those sort of helpful, sort of not replies…

Seriously considered ATC SCM-50’s and 100’s when developing my system, but in active form. Sounded great, especially mid-range and vocals, and powerful too - unflustered. Again, decent sized room with large ceilings. 150’s would need even bigger room. But they are pretty aesthetically-challenged.

I always thought the A in the ATC speaker model number meant active. Do you mean the 150SL (or SLT) with 552/500, or the 150ASL with just the 552?

(I can’t answer as I haven’t heard, however the 150ASL is a speaker I’d be interested in hearing if I was looking for new speakers. I know the midrange unit - it is sublime.)

Okey!,But anyone heard it in passive way with Naim500?

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