Atc scm 19 and scm 20

I own the former and I’m very happy, they really sing with sn3 especially with a bit of db. Honestly low level listening is not that good but with a little bit of energy they become exciting.
I auditioned the last version of scm 20 and I ve to say that they are far better, not in the same league of 19 and now I become doubtful: My 19 will be enough to make a future 282 shine or would I need a new speaker?

Your 19s will love a 282. Will you be using your SN3 as a power amp. Remember you’ll need a HC to power the 282 unless you use a NAP200DR.

Thank @LindsayM , I plan to move from sn3/hcdr to 282/250dr/hcdr

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Great move the 19s will love those amps. What source do you have?

You got it mate, those 20s are so much better!
I’n only consider them active ,though.

I ve a sn3/hcdr and ndac with ext psu

I note you have the xerses and i love it a lot e Eni fa Nowbanking i m curious with vertere and in love with lp12 funkfirm modified.
Superline is top notch, how is it with hcdr?

It’s glorious. I have the Z Foil plug to match my Dyna cartridge. The SL/HCDR is great but I often think how much better it would be even better if I swapped my 282 for a 552 which would release my SC for the SL. But too much £ssss!

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