Atc scm 19 bookshelf

I have to move in a living space my hi fi.
It seems that i have to put my loudspeaker on top of two fornitures without stands.
Is there someone who experienced this configuration with atc scm 19? The townshend seismic could be usefull in this config?

I know that there are several SCM 19 users, none is using atc without stands?

I have the Townshend Seismic’s but I would need a picture of your speakers and where they are going to make a proper comment. I do love the Townshend Podiums which are floor standers. I have 3 things from Townshend, and they are keepers (Podiums, DC 47 Autotransformer Preamp, and f1 Fractal Interconnects). Next upgrade, f1 Fractal Speaker Wires.


Thanks. At the end my curiosity is if there is someone using seismic without stands but directly in the bookshelf base

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