Atc scm 19 / scm 40

Thought anyone considering getting these ATC speakers may be interested in my experience.

Former system NDX, 200/202 , Hicap, NAPSC & Allaes.

Whilst waiting for my SCM 40’s my dealer lent me the SCM 19 for a few months.

From the off the 19’s blew the Alleas away - better clarity, bass, treble and less distortion at volume which surprised me considering there are much smaller.

However when I received the 40’s my system got even better - the floor standing 40’s had increased bass and midrange.

Compared to the Alleas that distorted when my volume button was turned above 9.0 o’clock the 40’s can go to 12.0 o’clock - they also responded better to low volumes

Only downer is that it took me 15 years to upgrade the Alleas - It’s been said on here before but Naim & ATC’s really are a great match…


Enjoy ATC SCM40 speakers. I do as well. :slight_smile:

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Only what I would have expected. The SCM 40 is the entry model using ATC’s sublime SM75-150 midrange unit, possibly the best mid unit ever (and providing my midrange even as I write this). ATC have specialised in design of speaker drivers since about the same time as Naim started up - all that time concentrating on making them the best they can be regardless of cost, then started developing complete speakers. Originally focussed only on pro audio, they later started making consumer versions.

Now try SCM 50, 100 or 150 for deeper bass and bigger scale…. Or try the Active versions…

How does the NAP200 get on with the ATCs given their notoriety for being power hungry?

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ATC are great speakers, just bought a pair of the 40 actives, very impressed.


In my experience, very well. I own one with a small pair of ATCs which have the same published power requirements as @Musky ’s SCM40s.

I sold my Naim gear about 3 years ago and went fully active with ATC SCm40 .feeding from an Auralic Vega G2, it’s just wonderful !,
TC make tremendous speakers, and as was said, the mid range driver is just amazing.


I am about to drive down to my dealers to sort a deal for my loan pair of 40s. They are incredible! I didn’t think they would work in my room and figured I would have to go for the 19s. I very nearly didn’t take them home for a trial but so glad I did. I have a 250dr so can’t really comment on the 200 but I’m sure it will be fine but try them at home if you can.

Worse case scenario…… sell the power amps and invest in a pair of active ATC40A’s …. no more esoteric speaker cables to worry about anymore! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Tempting but I think I’m done for now, apart from sorting my rack.

In response i think my old 2004- 200 is more than capable of driving the ATC 40’s

I’ve been waiting for 4 months now for my new 282dr/250dr to replace my 200/202.

Yes, I know most will say the 40 actives are the ones to go for , but I’ve always aspired for a 250 set up and it’s finally coming - so I’m sticking with the “Naim sound” and not that of a monitor speaker…


The idea that ATCs are hard to drive, is IMO, a bit of a myth that gets rather inflated in the retelling. They are certainly not the most sensitive speakers out there, partly as a consequence of their design, but they have a pretty benign impedance curve. I am sure a 200 would drive them effectively and a 250 even more so. Indeed I can vouch for the latter. The value of a more powerful amp is more in fully revealing the speakers capabilities, in particular, the high dynamic range which is a design goal of ATC and adds to their realistic reproduction of instruments like piano.

Nevertheless, amp specs aren’t everything and I’m sure you’ll have a great time with your ATCs.



I use a Nova with scm40 and very happy with the result. Of course a 250 would improve the dynamics.
As I am fixed with a single box solution, I may consider the Atom HE with scm40a in the future or a SuperNova if one ever happens.


I drive my ATC40s with a 250DR and to my ears, they sound great. I wholeheartedly recommend this pairing at this price point.

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Need to wait until the house extension is finished but ATC SCM40s will be at the top of the list - despite my stand mounts being great little speakers, they are certainly holding everything back…

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How are you feeding your active speakers?

Chord DAVE/MScaler with Innuos Zenith, PhoenixUSB and PhoenixNET.

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Indeed, the 250 is a sublime pairing with ATC speakers. While I have a completely rebuilt Olive 250 from US AVOptions, and not the 250DR, the reality is that it has plenty of headroom to drive my 19s effortlessly. I previously had Active 10s, and the Naim boogie, as you say, has been a welcome addition courtesy the 250/NACA5.

For the OP, you can’t go wrong with either. And if you want more, upgrade your source and pre, you’ll be surprised at just how far / long the ATCs can carry you on your audio nirvana.

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