ATC SCM19 Speaker Review

Now, just stop that, @Beachcomber . This is a respected family forum, I’ll have you know.

Well, it’s a respected forum.

Alright, it’s a respectable forum.

And don’t you forget it!

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No worries. They feel like 30kg to me too :grin:

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I think the crossovers are slightly different, too.


They are ugly! I am going to buy the black piano ones although I love wood veneers. Shame on ATC for designing such ugly grilles. But the sound…

Well I don’t think they’re ugly, which just shows I have no taste. But if you don’t like the grilles, just leave them off. I can’t hear any difference In SQ on my SCM 40s.


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I concur!

The Solidsteel stands work great. Tried a pair on @Simon-in-Suffolk recommendation to light open frame stands on the ATC’sIMG_5401


Don’t worry, Roger. Taste is absolutely personal and there is no fair paradigm for that :slight_smile:

But those drivers are too expensive to get completely exposed in my opinion. So it will be black piano and not that lovely wood veneer for me.



Nice… the grills even look good in your photo :grinning:

Nothing wrong with those ‘fishnets’ at all … mine are on (the speakers) all the time :grinning:

I’ve got used to the fishnets; even quite like them now and leaving them on saves working out somewhere to store them.

I also have open stands - Something Solid in my case. I needed something bespoke as I have to have the speakers unusually high.

Yes ugly against the wrong colour cabinet. I demo’d some 40s in a wood finish and they looked terrible (a bit like your pictures!). However on my final choice 40s in matt black they look fantastic.

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Grills look great!

I have to say my first sight of the ATC grill was a beaten up set handed to me with a pair of demo speakers to try, I can tell you that they look terrible when bashed about a bit. I was very pleased that the new set that came with my order look ok, even the missus seems to be ok with them and I totally get that they are functional or did I mean agricultural?

In fact you could sift soil with them.

The grills don’t stand out anywhere near as much on the Satin Black . I tend to keep them on and forget about them .


They are a bit more obvious on my cherry finished 40’s.
I would have preferred the satin white ones, (for use without grills I might add) but I was overruled by the boss.


I keep the grilles on my SCM7s . I’d just lose the bloody things otherwise. After thinking about the fishnet bit I may peel them off slowly later :grinning:


I love ATC. I had the 14’s and moved up to the 19’s. Then I had the opportunity to demo a pair of Spendor D7’s. Sold my ATC’s…

I have the SCM19’s. My listening space is quite small (3.5m x 3.5m).

These speakers tick ALL the boxes for me. Some might not like the fact that they will present accurately whatever has been recorded. That might not suit those who see speakers as some sort of static graphic equaliser…

By the way, when researching suitable stands, ATC told me they recommend the Atacama HMS2X for the SCM19.


Great stands btw! I have pair with my ProAc’s

I know, I tried those stands… and they just didn’t work for me… I felt they smeared the treble and subdued transients … ended up getting rid of them… with the Atacama filler weights, think they were called Atabites or something similar.