ATC SCM40 vs. Kudos Cardea S20A

I’m still in the market for a set of P/L speakers to upgrade my system. End game is Kudos 606 but they’re out of my price range for the time being.

Currently looking at the above which fit price-wise and aesthetically. The latter best of all as they come in Walnut which matches our furniture, but SCM40 in black would also work.

Has anyone compared the above with a similar set up (NDS/252/300)? Buynig P/L will make demoing virtually impossible.


edit: title changed due to feedback below!

Not heard either of these (heard the PMC’s predecessor which were OK) but in the same system I have Kudos S20’s which work really well. They pop up used from time to time and are easy to place with the bottom facing port.

Where are you based?

Thanks I’m in South Wales.

PS thanks for the Kudos recommendation the S20’s would also fit he bill nicely in terms of price and looks. I guess you can recommend?

Is it the Kudos Cardea Super 20A?

I owned PMC Twenty 23 for a few years powered by a 250DR , I loved them and their looks . I then changed to ATC SCM 19’s which were significantly better here . I later tried passive SCM 40’s which were better again and I now own an Active pair .

I’m sure the PMC 25i range is an improvement but my strong gut feeling goes with the ATC’s , especially with your amp .

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Yes, they are now S20A as they added the option to go active.

The S20 (without the A) work passively only but do come up used from time to time.

I’d expect they to be quite a step up over the PMC’s.

I have 606’s in my sights but I have to say that since the NAP300 was added the speakers have been totally transformed. Kudos used the NAP300 when voicing the S20’s so there seems to be some synergy here as the system is so much better with the 300 over the 250DR I had previously.

South Wales is a way from us, we’re in Dorset as you could have come and had a listen, hence the question.

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Thanks for the info and kind invitation. Dorset is a trek unfortunately but happy to trust your ears on this so the S20’s are now on my list.

Do you know if the S20A can be used passive, and if there are any disadvantages in doing so? It’s just there is a set available now.

Yes, S20A’s can be used in passive mode. There are links on the back of the speaker that are removed for active mode. It’s the same as the Titans in this respect.


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Great thanks. I’m very drawn to these and based on Pete’s comments I’ve disregarded the PMC Twenty5.231 for now.

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How do you find the S20’s for positioning? I’d prefer not to have to come too far away from the back wall. Thanks

The backs of mine are 17cm from the wall. No bass issues.

Perfect :+1:

I’d very strongly recommend that you listen. Those Kudos and ATC models do bass in a very different way.

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Was looking for a pair of S20’s and lo and behold what should appear but a pair of mint Titan 606 in the right finish at a price I simply could refuse… :grimacing:

You can guess the rest :grin:


We all like a happy ending!


They’re from a dealer and I can return them if they don’t work out, but I kinda get the feeling they will…


You are in for a treat Stu, I have 606’s with 300DR and whilst they replaced far more expensive speakers they are absolutely superb. Enjoy!


I’m picking them up today, can’t wait! Will report back…


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