ATC SCM40 vs SBLs. Round 2

My wife is with 2 kids on the road this weekend, a good chance to get the sbls in the living for a good session.

What a loudspeakers they are!


I am sitting here thinking the same.


I love wall speakers in essence including old linn speakers they are more like music than hifi and this can be the issue for many people! Sadly I don’t have a wall to place them on anymore firing down the long wall as I have a large window behind it but as said here the Atc (lack of ports) ? are the closest to what I like the most but I have found having them still closer to the wall does help! Also I use a Accuphase amp which I feel had more power than the 250 which might explain why the sbl sound better with 135 as they should! Getting wall speakers to sound good, need very good electronics which is why they didn’t last but …. I miss them a lot! Again just my opinion:-)