ATC SCM7 Users?

Thank you for all your your advice I really appreciate it, I’m really starting to think the small neat Iota bookshelf might be the ideal one for my small, listening distance , but have noticed it seems to be more paired with the atom than the Nova do you the small Neats are good enough to partner it. Thank you

ive been running scm7 mk2, (the black fronted ones before the brought out the rounded version with the metal grille) I have them on target R4 stands in a large attic space with a REL strata 3 sub, nac282,hicap,nap200 and they fill the room and I have all the bottom end. have had the speakers since 2011! they sound great and if I upgrade it will be to passive scm40 and a bigger naim power amp prob nap300.

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