Atc speaker connections

Since acquiring my SCM40’s I have plugged speaker cables into the bottom (presume bass) terminals. For some reason I have not tried the middle or treble sockets. Is there any benefit from trying the mid sockets and can I connect one speaker plug to the bass and one to the mid socket?
The speakers have the supplied socket connectors.

Mike Creek of Epos once told me that ‘the tweeter gives the speaker its character so feed the juice in there.’

It’s worked with my SCM7s. This in preference to feeding into the bass, and feeding diagonally.

Please try it and report back.

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Thanks Christopher_M the treble sockets have blanking plugs whilst the mid and bass do not. I presume it is just a case of removing these. Do you know if the unused sockets should have blanking plugs (not sure if that is the correct term).

Thinking back, that what my SCM7s had. Red and black plastic bits. I got the blade of a fairly sharp knife and carefully prised them out. Once I got them out I threw them in the bin, since they don’t perform any useful function.

Then straight into the treble.

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I have the positive connected to the top row and the negative to the bottom row of the terminals on the advice of my dealer who had experimented with all other combinations.


Yes, that’s what my dealer had too when I demmed the SCM7s and bought a pair.

or just do as i did with my 7’s and 11’s and whipped the back plate off and joined the connections together on one set of binding posts. Sounds more cohesive and less connections for the signal to get through.

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Sounds a bit technical for me???:rofl:

Have you managed to get those little red and black plastic bits out yet Stu?!

Did you know that the standard Naim amp speaker plug fits the ATC speaker terminal spacing, perhaps it was a standard spacing once upon a time?

I run my SCM 40s like this, cables terminated in NAC plugs both ends, quite neat really


Me too.

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oh i didnt! - I’ve discounted several cheap pairs of naca5 as they had naim plugs both ends…

Many off-the-shelf binding post assemblies come in a standard 3/4inch spacing, so this is by no means unique to Naim. There are a few other banana plugs that are paired to fit them too, such as Pomona.

Not yet. Was a bit late last night to start faffing about and been at work today. Will have a go tonight and report back. The 40’s are famous for their mid range driver so I will definitely be trying connection to these terminals also.

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Good stuff. That was my thinking too when I first got my ATCs. Then I heeded Mike Creek’s advice. And found the PRaT.

I can’t say I’ve owned enough speakers to have noticed. It was simply an observation. My PMCs had a wider spacing, my very old Heybrook HB2s were closer together but I didn’t own Naim then!

So I managed to remove the tweeter terminal plugs and tried firstly direct into the tweeter, then mid, bass terminals. The differences were quite subtle but I felt some slight loss of bass definition when plugged into the tweeter terminals. No significant difference when plugged into mid range. I then tried negative to bass and positive to mid which seemed to give a better balance all round. I do need to spend a bit more time listening to these differences and should get a few spare hours tomorrow night to be sure.


Connected back up to the bass sockets and this seems to have certainly tightened up the bass. This has improved timing and opened up the midrange with less ‘overspill’ from the bass frequencies, if that makes sense. I will stick with this for the time being I think.

This is how mine are connected as well, as per dealer instruction. Might try the other options during holidays. :thinking:

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Not familiar with these particular speakers but where I have had 3 sets of terminals on a speaker the thing that made the biggest difference for me was replacing the linking plates with proper speaker jumper cable, a huge upgrade for a relatively modest cost, if you can same as your normal cable

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