ATC speakers for Unitiqute?

Hello. I am due to get a UnitiQute after discovering Naim via the Muso. I like the ATC SCM7 speakers but am wondering if the UnitiQute at 30w will pair well and drive these. Will these speakers work well or are there other small speakers that pair well with the UnitiQute? Thanks.

Hi Odj
ATC recommend minimum of 75W so the UnitiQute may struggle. Lots of choice regarding small speakers that will work well with the Qute, KEF LS50, Proac Tablette10, Neat Iota, Focal 906, I’m sure others will be along to recommend more, depends what you want to spend and size of room etc. I was in my dealer last week and noticed at a very nice budget range of speakers from Fyne Audio, worth checking out.
Happy hunting

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Thank you Malcolm. I will check those out. I guess budget is 500 to 1,000. The room is small 4m x 4m, and I like that clean BBC style studio monitor sound, hence was drawn to the ATC but point taken on the power need. Welcoming any additional speaker suggestions. Thanks.

Maybe also look at Spendor A1, Dynaudio and Totem bookshelf speakers. Speakers are a very personal choice best if you can get out and listen to some, or even better find a friendly dealer for a home demo.

I’m currently using Totem Mite with my Qute. Looking to change sometime this year but not in a rush. Possibly Dynaudio Evoke 10 once available in the US but also really liked PMC 20.21 when I heard those. Focal 906 interest me but may be a bit too big for my needs. I have an opportunity to buy Dynaudio Excite X16 at a great price but I’m shying away from those due to the placement and proximity to back wall. I’m afraid they will provide too much bass in my circumstance but I hate to pass on such a good deal.

The PMC Twenty 21 is a good recommendation, they are now replaced by the Twenty5 21, a few dealers doing good deals at around £1000 which is approx half the price of the new model. I have a pair of Twenty 5 23’s and they are excellent speakers.

I’ve recently purchased a set of Neat Motive 2SX Speakers. I have to say I think they have an incredible sound for what is a very small floorstander. The RRP is around £1500 but Creative Audio in Shrewsbury have some really good deals on them at the minute. I got a new pair in black for £880 and they have oak for around £1000.

I’m driving mine with a Nait XS, however they don’t need too much power to get quite load. I’ve also been impressed by how engaging the sound stays even at very low volume levels. My listening room is a similar overall volume to yours.

Thanks for the pointers folks. For a newbie is there a sensitivity / impedence I should be looking out for to get the most out of the UnitiQute? Thanks. Owen

Hi Odj
Generally if matching a speaker to the UnitiQute/30W I would be looking for 8 Ohm with a higher sensitivity, say 85dB and above, in theory the higher sensitivity the easier to drive. I haven’t checked in detail but I think all the speaker recommendations you have above fall into this category.

I think the Qute can power a wide range of speakers but of course it depends how loud you want them to get. For example I know a Qute can power Dynaudio Contour 5.4 but not to concert levels. I’m generally listening to my Qute around 75dbs so I think I can get away with a bit more speaker than most would think to put on the end of a Qute. That space constraints are what they are as well.

Thanks everyone. Very helpful suggestions and tips. Owen

I run the ATC SCM7 V3 speakers with my Naim UnitiQute 2 / NAP100 / UnitiServe combo. Looking to change speakers as something not quite right…

Changed to the Neat Xplorers that are far easier to drive for my NAP100 and WOW, massive improvement. Bob at Neat is really helpful and very responsive to questions, BIG thumbs up.

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ATC’s, even the smallest need big power and current.


I was assured they would be fine when I purchased them, felt they were an improvement over the Bowers Wilkins I had but started to feel my ATCs were sucking life from the music. Lesson learnt…

Unfortunately it’s the small amp that could not handle the atc’s . … not the speakers fault, just not a natural pairing. Atc’s work really well with my uniti nova


Is it really true then the ATCs are power-hungry beasts. I’m pretty astonished about the Qute or even an Atom not having enough juice to make the scm7 or 11 sing

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