Atom accidentally volume rise- Question for Naim

Last night (1 am) I listen Tidal and try to make screenshot on mobile phone. At that point, the atom increases to 100%. Then for a few seconds it didn’t respond (or I couldn’t react) so I turned the Atom off on a power button. Although in sound settings the volume was limited to 75%, it was still enough to wake up the whole building and I still have ear pain today!
Is it really impossible to software solve that limited sudden increase in sound from 25% to 100%, for example.
Did I say I had severe ear pain? What is the state of the speakers this morning that I do not know.

Hi Engine, sorry to hear that. Have you contacted Naim support yet to ask them about this?

Has anyone else been logged into Tidal using your Atom at any time?

Everybody slept at 1 am.
You think the problem with my Atom or application or that it’s not normal slider hypersensitivity?

There have been a couple of reports of this and I’m sure Naim are aware, but these odd occasional problems (almost certainly software not hardware) are very hard to track down so I’m sure, as Richard has already said, phoning support is a good plan.



At a guess you have ‘use hardware buttons for volume control’ enabled. You could disable it if you take lots of screenshots with the Naim app open then maybe disable it?

Twice I’ve had this issue. Both while using the Naim app on my iPhone.
I’ve got the max volume at 75%.
First time a was searching for a track whilst one was playing. The second time was at the same time I received a phone call.
The volume jumped to 100%, the app hung for a few seconds and I had to turn my Atom off at the power switch.
Now I’m always at hand to turn the thing off just in case.

Same situation, I had to turn my Atom off at the power switch!
It is true, it is enabled " use hardwer buttons for volume control". Ok, I will switch off, but I dont understand, what will be diferent, for what is that option?

The volume buttons on your phone can control the volume on your Atom, so if you have a phone that requires you to hold a volume button and press power to take screens shots the volume on your Atom will shoot all the way up or down depending on which button you have to press.


Is the function to control the Atom with phone hardware buttons just an Android thing? I can’t find that on my iPhone XS…


I had this issue a couple of times with my Atom late at night. Woke the whole house.

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This thread title keeps catching my eye because I’ve heard of a similar problem happening with cars, though the consequence can be far more severe: IIRC they called it unintended acceleration.

Could you image what will happens wirh Tesla and other electric car? Analogy is rule :slight_smile:

“oficer” :wink:

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