Atom adjusting its own volume

Hi all. I’m newIsh to naim. Had my atom for 2 years now. Running Linn Keilidhs . Always sounded gorgeous until recently.
I’ve been listening to about 5 tracks and noticed the volume sounds quieter. Then it’ll suddenly jump in volume when mid track, back to what it sounded at originally. It also dips in volume dramatically mid track too and slowly returns to original volume
I also noticed months back that suddenly 50 sounded more like 45 . That’s a significant difference.
Checked the settings and was still at 90% max volume where I Like it for safety reasons using master quality setting.
I mainly use tidal through the iPhone tidal app via airplay. .
Have tried cleaning all banana plugs and even re wired them. Swapped speakers round too. Even used different wires. Currently use QED XT 40. No furniture been moved to affect sound. Naim Software up to date
Currently have it on using Spotify connected by Spotify connect. No volume dip after 25 tracks.
Is it possible Tidal has some kind of conflict with atom software?
Or is this a known Atom issue?
Ps. I’m not well versed in audiophile terminology so go easy on me please :grin:.


Why are your not using inbuilt Tidal support and the Naim app. It will be a big uplift in SQ to using airplay.

Thanks for the reply.
I usually stream direct from the tidal app as the interface is so much better to navigate.
Are you saying if I use tidal via the Naim app, my sq will improve?


Give it a try, you just have to sign in to Tidal in the Naim app using the same login.

I have given it a go and it seems better SQ. Only managed a couple of tracks before had my ear chewed off by the other half
After surfing this forum, I have also discovered that Tidal master tracks are actually not 24 bit quality through the tidal or naim app…thinking about a Roon trial to see if that provides the desired difference or am I miles away with that idea?

You could always try Qobuz, which has quite a lot of 24 bit material, and is currently cheaper than Tidal. You can use both of them through Roon, or with Naim’s own integration.

Tidal is only 24 bit if you have an MQA system. Naim does not support MQA. As Chris says of HiRes is what your after then give Qobuz ago if it’s available in your country, it’s cheaper than Tidal at the moment supported in the Naim app and gives hires 24 bit if you have the correct tier sub.

So using tidal through Roon will not make any difference to the quality of their MQA through an atom but using Qobuz will provide 24 bit with their hi res sub?
I am hoping to try them all (now we are in Covid lockdown) with a handful of tracks to see what is revealed at 24 bit that i cant hear at 16 bit…or even to see if i can notice any difference at all with my relatively untrained ear.

On Qobuz, most music is available in 24 bit, although not that much is 24/192, most is 96 or lower.
Roon can do the first ’unfold’ of Tidal MQA, as can the Tidal iOS app, but I suspect you might get better results using Roon rather than AirPlay or Chromecast from an iPhone.
Maybe time to sign up for a couple of free trials.

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