Atom Album Artwork Problem

My Atom is not displaying Album Artwork on some of my Flac and Dsd files.
Those same files are correctly displaying the Artwork on other players.
The Lookup Metada procedure that is described at the Atom online support does not seem to work because that option just dont show up.
Appreciate any help about this. Thanks in advance.

I vaguely recall that this is one of the many shortcomings of the online support thing. There was never a metadata lookup available on the Atom, nor would you expect there to be on a streaming client which is designed to read metadata stored in a music folder which is streamed to it by a server. Probably a function of the Star which was accidentally described as an Atom function.

What music source do you have this problem with? Depending on what this is, there should be a solution to your issue. For starters, a common mistake is to view files on a USB drive through the USB input, which gives only a basic folder view. Look at the same files in Server/Local Music and the metadata, including artwork, should be there.

I’m using an SSD drive (connected to the USB input of the Atom).
At the IOS App I’m looking to the Server/Local Music and I do see the metadata and artwork of the majority of the files - but there are a few albuns showing no artwork (neither on the app neither on the screen of the Uniti Atom).
Those same files do show the Artwork on my ROSE Streamer (and also on my Audirvana Mac App).
Meanwhile I’ve just checked my Sony WM1A player and the same files do show the artwork.

What size are the images that are not shown? Naim servers have a maximum image size so if you exceed that it’s possible that artwork may not be displayed. I’m not sure what the limit is now, but maybe worth checking.

They have the same size of other images that are being displayed without any problem.

The limit is still about 1100x1100 pixels. I just always make it 1000x1000 because I can never remember what it is exactly and I know that works.

On Unitiserve it’s 1280 x 1280, I suppose we can only guess that the Atom via USB is much the same as the Core, whatever that is.

I will try 1280x1280 next time I add a download to my Core Chris, and let you know!

On these particular cases (not showing Artwork) the images are 600x600 or 500x500.
Is there any minimum size for the Atom ?

@davidhendon @ChrisSU
After some experiences I found that the Atom seems to be a bit picky with the resolution of the embedded image on the music files. Not only the size matters but also the resolution of the image.
My other players seems to treat this in a more flexible way.

Alwsys use MP3tag for artwork for my Atom and adjust to 400x400 (bit dramatic but still appears OK on screen as well as in my car).
Have no issues with display.
Did have a past issue where folders/files with non letter characters such as “&” were preventing artwork from displaying ( no idea why). Changed as appropriate to full form i.e.“and” and problem went away.

Thanks. I will check if any of my folders include those characters.

If that doesn’t work convert the file to a different format and see if that makes a difference. I had several problems with flac (including dropouts) which I don’t have on m4a - jusf searching for possible solutions.

Hi there,

Just curious, did you resolve your issue?

Still running some tests with embedded artwork metadata vs including jpg artwork on the same folder.

I found issues with flac files so other options are to convert a file to m4a and see if that resolves. Additionally, is it a 16 bit or 24bit file? If 24 bit test by converting to 16 bit.
None of these, in theory, should cause a problem but I changed all these and now have no issues.

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