Atom and hdmi

Recently purchased an atom all works as planed but not via HDMI from tv energies but won’t pick up sound feed then some minutes later it works any one else experienced this very annoying… naim no idea … it’s a Sony Bravia . Any help would be welcome tried 4 different leads no difference. Andy

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Mine was very unreliable at first, but after some Naim firmware updates, now works pretty well. Have you set your TV sound output to PCM?

I have a Samsung. It takes up to 10 seconds for it to switch over to the hdmi output. Low WAF but I am getting used to it!

I also have Sony Bravia connected to Uniti Atom via HDMI.

In my case Uniti Atom never picks audio signal from first attempt. I have to turn off and on TV several times to make HDMI work. If after third attempt Uniti does not pick signal, I turn off Uniti itself and turn off TV, wait several minutes and turn on Uniti, then turn on TV and repeat steps I wrote above.

Also, after turning off TV I have to change Uniti Atom input from HDMI to any other. Because if I leave input on HDMI, Uniti Atom turns on itself after 15 min.

I wrote Sony about these problems. They claim, that this is not their problem. They never had complains with any other audio receivers connected to this TV.

So let’s wait for new update for Uniti Atom. Maybe things will change :slight_smile:

Hopefully naim software will take note and take issue seriously it isn’t tv as tried with different leads and other speaker systems and they all work as intended… I also have been finding naim on in morning will try alternate input before shutting down at night thanks

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