Atom and HDMI

Recently purchased an atom Dec 2019 all works as planed but not via HDMI from TV .Atom won’t pick up sound feed automatically sometimes it works itself minutes later . I usually get it to work after turning on and off the TV.Any one else experienced this very annoying… it’s a Sony Bravia . Any help would be welcome

HDMI ARC can be tricky, and depends so much on the HDMI implementation in the TV. Sadly, it would seem that everybody does things slightly differently. I would get in touch with Naim support giving them as much detail as you can - please let them know the exact model of TV you are using with the Atom.

I have exactly the same issues on a Mu-So 2nd Gen with Sony Bravia.

I’ve not raised a support case yet, but I did initially call NAIM when the Mu-so 2nd gen was released and they said hold fire as some HDMI updates will be rolled out. This was quite a while ago and I’ve seen a few firmware updates that suggested HDMI fixes, but alas I still have the same issue you described.

I’m pretty certain that after months of messing around it’s as Richard.Dane suggests, it’s Sony’s implementation of ARC (although naively I thought this was an agreed standard). The only successful way I’ve found of getting the Mu-so working via HDMI is to power it on a minute or so after the TV has been turned on and my Sky box. If I ever try using it to automatically power on with the TV and Sky it works for a few seconds then the Sony TV takes back the audio.

I’ll look to raise a support case with NAIM to see if it can be investigated too.
Currently I’m just using optical out as that always works, but it’s not as convenient (simple power on for all devices).

Do the same , no point in the audio signal going anywhere near the TV , feed the DAC with a digital signal and the TV with a video signal.

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