Atom and Mac mini


I was about to get an Atom but I just realised the USB can not be used to connect to a computer. Is that correct or I’m mistaken?

Here’s my current system:
QNAP (where the music is stored) > Mac mini with Roon > DAC via USB > Amplifier

My DAC recently died. It was connected to my Mac via USB.

I came across the Atom which seems to meet my needs (the Atom would then replace my DAC and my amplifier).
However, I’m wondering what is the best way (sound quality) to connect the Atom to my Mac? I thought USB was the right choice and much better than the audio Mac standard output.

Thanks for your help!

Hi, the usb is not an input, it is for connecting a usb memory drive or hard drive.
The atom is however roon ready.

If you use Roon you don’t need USB with the Atom it will show up as a Roon ready endpoint to stream to over the network. It’s how I use mine. Plug it in, enable it in Roon, select it as the zone to play to. Job done.

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I connect my new Mac Mini M1 to my Nova using the Topping D10s. USB to SPDIF cable provided with the D10s into Mini USB. Then RCA to BNC into Nova. Do you use Qobuz? With Qobuz you can stream via Chromecast. But also, Qobuz desktop version is much cooler than the Qobuz mobile version. If you use it I’ll elaborate…

Welcome to the Forum. Yes, just run Roon with the Atom as an end point. You will also be able to use the Roon or Naim iOS apps to select music and control the Atom, so a great choice since you are already set up with Roon.

Just be sure you want the Atom, rather than the better Nova :sunglasses::notes:

Thanks everyone for your quick replies! Looking forward to receiving it!

HI, welcome to the forum and I can second everything that has been said already. I have been investing heavily into USB DACs and cables in the past, but with the Atom life became much easier, also because I am a Roon user. However, I notice recently I hardly ever use Roon anymore as the Naim app with a QOBUZ or TIDAL subscription is an excellent alternative.

With the Mac Mini you also have the option to install (free) minim server software and your Mac Mini will become accessible by the Atom as a music server via the network. No need for a USB DAC and with at least similar sound quality or even better.



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