Atom and Supernait 2

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post and I’m very new in NAIM and Hifi.

I find a good demo product of ATOM and a second hand supernait 2. All are good but in seperate locations, so could not test them together. I have B&W 683 S2 floorstanding speakers and I thought that Atom is not enough to drive alone. I want to connect my tv with hdmi to Atom and connect Atom pre-outs to supernait2 AV input. Is it possible to control volume from TV remote? I read Supernait supports volume control over av input(not tested).

If the Atom doesn’t have enough power to drive your speakers, a power amp would make more sense than an integrated. I would look for a 200 or 250. Or just get a Nova that has the extra power built in.

He already has the SN2 Chris…

I’m not sure that he has, but if so, my suggestion would still be to sell it and get a separate power amp or a Nova.

Well, I don’t have either of them. Atom and SN2 are secondhand with additional 1 year guarantee and very very very cheaper than brand new ones. I wish I can buy 200 or Nova but, it’s imposible for now.

It makes no sense to buy an Atom and a Supernait 2. No sense whatsoever. There is no point buying size 42 shoes just because they are cheap if your feet are size 44.

If you get the Supernait, find a used NDX or ND5XS2. If you want a Uniti, get a Nova.


Those are big speakers, very big - I would say you would be much better off with a Supernait than an Atom. Is there any phono stages out from the TV or better still a digital output , if so I would purchase a small DAC . I have used a small Pro-ject DAC for many years with the video system and have not been unhappy with the results.

I would also say that the Atom and 200 NAP are a well regarded pair on this forum.


The Atom’s HDMI-ARC connection to your TV can often be a real problem and may not work with your TV so if it’s very important to you will will need to try before you buy. Some TV’s play ok with their ARC implementation but some most definitely do not.

I would just get the Sn2 and find another way to connect your TV to it.

Most TV’s have either a coax or optical out. This can be used to feed a Naim streamer which would be perfect paired with a Supernait.

I really liked ATOM’s new technology but everybody recommended SN2. I can use my yamaha RN602(tv connected to it) streamer with SN2 instead of ATOM. Do you think that SN2 will be enough to drive B&W 683 S2 floorstanding speakers? I also found “NAC202, NAP200, Napsc, Hicap” kit a little more expensive than SN2. Would you recommend “NAC202, NAP200, Napsc, Hicap” over SN2?

Sounds like a Nova would make most sense

Do you think that SN2 will be enough to drive B&W 683 S2 floorstanding speakers?

For sure, I wouldn’t worry about that, it would almost be the “ideal amplifier” for them; it is able to drive without pain a couple of 4 Ohms K6 in a medium-sized room, and those B&Ws do not pose an especially difficult load, either by current or by power.

What I would really think is if is the best option to go for the SN2 with the Yamaha streamer you already have, which could either be enough for your needs, or wait a bit for some good opportunity and go straight for the Uniti Nova, which, with the same rated power and a current delivery very similar to the SN2, also offers you a high level and last generation streamer capacity, and tremendous functionality.

Hi Ian2001,
how do you interconnect NAP 200 with Atom? Seem to have different interfaces (DIN to RCA cable?)

Yep , that’s how . You simply get them made up by your dealer. There is also a firm called Flashback who could probably help

I’m sure that Atom is enough to drive 683s2! Do you try that combination?

I haven’t tried it with 683S2 but I auditioned with Dynaudio x34 and x38 and I liked it, but I thought some low frequencies are missing.

Try Atom wit 683, maybe you will surprised.

Maybe the sound of Dynaudio your not used to, they have amazing bass. But only when it’s actually supposed to be there. Some speakers seem to manufacture bass all the time. But Dynaudio only plays it when it’s there. And some times you’ll be like omg where did that come from :grin: