Atom and TV

Guys newbie

My Atom has hdmi port which I play sound from my TV via HDMI ARC. Any ideas if Naim is going to do a firmware update to allow sureound/atmos source bs PCM? Even apple homepods are doing an atmos-ish rendering.

Anyway around this limitation?


Typos guys, sorry. Will naim update so we can use the HDMI port on the atom to get some simulated surround sound like apple homepods. Thanks

I can’t imagine Naim doing this. “Simulated sounds” are not what Naim have ever been about. They have always simply been about making accurate, true and enjoyable sound rather than “simulated” or “pseudo” sounds.

So why is the HDMI port there vs just an optical? Doesn’t HDMI mean more than 2 channel sound? Just curious and love my Atom

HDMI is purely a connection. It can carry audio and video. In the old days, it would have been a different connection such as RCA/Phono or SCART.
Naim have added HDMI so that you may conveniently connect your TV audio, nothing more, nothing less.

I should add that Naim did have a surround processor (AV2) in their line-up for a while, as well as a DVD player but relatively short lived.

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