ATOM as a TV sound system

Im looking at supplementing my 272/XPSDR/250DR with a ATOM and Focal Aria 906 to be a sound system for my TV and as another system to hook up to my NAS music store. Has anyone done this or am i better off just getting a sound bar?

I use mine do drive the front two speakers in my 5.1 setup as well as my main music zone so I can get the best of both worlds. But just to use it for TV seems a bit overkill.

I have a Nova driving the 2 fronts of a 5.1 a/v setup with a Yamaha receiver and it works a treat. It also provides my wife with decent internet radio when she is ironing while I am upstairs in my sound room with an all naim setup

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I use an Atom as a second system in the living room, so have it hooked up to the TV. The early firmware versions didn’t work well at all with the HDMI input, but this seems to be sorted now and it does a good job. I wouldn’t have bothered if it was just for TV sound, but we wanted music in that room too.

Thanks Tony /Chris - what speakers are you running

I haven’t done a hifi or tv project for quite a while now, but it’s all about getting my tv sorted atm. For a start, connecting a tv anywhere into my Naim set up ruined the sound of my beautiful LP12. If the tv output is going to be just stereo from my Shahinian Hawks, the fact that different films and music have so much variation with the deep bass, the overall result was very disappointing. Some things sounded good, but more often than not, films lacked punch. My opinion is either totally separate 5.1 system for the tv and a Naim set-up for music. I’ve just bought a Dali Kubik soundbar and connected a MJ Acoustics Ref100 sub to it. The sub has it’s own remote and I can programme in endless variations on how much and when the bass fades in. I’ve bought fancy mains cables, etc and placed Naim chips under the sub. When the soundbar is mounted above the tv (let’s it breath), this and the sub produces amazingly good sound. With films, a decent sub is a must.

I use a pair of Naim N-Sats which I already had. TV sound is not the priority for us, and I don’t bother with a sub, it’s mainly for music.

I use my superuniti with pmc twenty 24’s, although purchased for music, it was easy to connect an optical cable from the TV and there is no need for a separate sub as there is enough bass for me.

My speakers are Monitor Audio Gold 200 floorstanders - with a MA Gold Centre speaker as part of my AV set up. I use just the fronts when playing music and listening to the radio on the Nova. Hoping to change to ATC SCM40As later this year with an ATC centre speaker

I used my Nova with an optical feedfrom my virgin box, worked really well. The lip sync function worked really well.

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