Atom as Preamp into Multizone MDX-16 + Power Amp

Because the Atom is a single zone solution, I am trying to find a way to use it in 3 zones (one at at time). If I use it as a preamp into the Anthem MDX-16, will that mean that I’m losing the 40w of power and it would only be used passively as a pre-amp? Or would it synergistic with the additional amp and distribution box?

Welcome to the forum! The Anthem looks like an interesting unit. The Atom’s power amp should work as normal, and the Anthem has variable gains which should let you balance out the zones.

Have you already bought the Anthem? Assuming the multi room zones aren’t for critical listening you might find some second-hand Rotel or NAD multi zone amps cheaper. (Or wait for a NAP6-50)

No I haven’t bought them yet. I’m aiming for October. What is the NAP6-50? And does the Anthem add power or just act as a channel controller?

The Naim NAP6-50 was a multi-zone amp - effectively 3 stereo amps based on the NAP90, but modified to enable it to drive very long cables such as you might need to have routed around your home. There weren’t that many made. In the end multi-zone streaming via ethernet or wireless is far more effective and also potentially gives better performance.

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The Anthem seems to have quite flexible channel routing. I’m just not sure it and the atom are a good match for this job. I’m planning to add some multi-room speakers to extend main system to the kitchen but haven’t yet got around to it.

What did most people use as a preamp to the NAP650 Richard?

I don’t know, some kind of multi-room/zone controller. It was designed to be used that way for the home install market.

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If you did, how would you switch from room to room? I know the atom only has 1 zone. Or would you just bi-wire it? In my case I have a balcony so I need separate control.

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