Atom balance incrememts

I was wondering what the balance control on the Atom does in regards to control. What increments does it increase the volume by on that channel or decrease the other side? Is it 1 unit per dB, is it more or less?

@Stevesky would you be to advise?

Balance controls usually reduce the volume on one side. Easy to tell simply turn the balance control all the way and one side will fall silent.

Doesn’t really answer my question. I want to know what the increments changes it by.

Hi @CrystalGipsey,

On the Uniti range of products the balance feature uses a constant power system. Primarily, as the stereo position is offset, the acoustical energy in the room stays near enough the same. This is different to a traditional ‘pot’ balance control where the acoustical output changes depending on position of balance control.

As for steps it’s a mix of .5, 1dB and even larger steps which is programmed into the analogue volume control and any fractional part for the constant power compensation is done in the DSP.

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Steve Harris
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Naim Audio Ltd.


Thanks Steve.

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