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Happy new year all. I just received my atom 3 days ago, a new year and 40th birthday present for myself. In love with the unit and basically keep listening music 10 hours a day for the last three days. Just a quick question. Can I make atom to show the time permanently? Among other things I would like to use my atom as an expensive table clock. Especially when I am watching TV, instead of showing me an ugly hdmi input icon, I would appreciate a watch face.


this is not for the atom

I would love to seeing naim integrating such a feature (and other display functions.)
Having my Atom since summer and unfortunately I have not find such a function yet, even after deepest menu search. To be honest I could not believe that there are not more display functions possible. My biggest wish would be different settings for different inputs. As you mentioned clock or nothing for inputs where no information is provided but not for others like streaming where that is the case.

Looking ahead with fingers crossed for future firmware updates for the uniti line …

In the meantime we are enjoying the music und the atoms great sound.
Congrats to your atom and to your 40th birthday, @okiratli!


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Having an option to keep the clock display on after you press the remote clock button rather than the current 30 seconds would be simple and useful for many. Maybe submit this suggestion to Naim support to see their reaction?

Thank you @colormind. So, I am not missing anything. Then I hope Naim would address this sometime in their future updates. It should be super simple as well. Fingers crossed…

I was told to set the screen to shut down after 10 seconds if I wanted the screen to last. Aparently that’s an issue. But I have an NDS with a green screen and possibly it’s only an issue with these units.

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