Atom button pulses when switching off

I can’t be quite sure just how long it has been doing this to be honest, as everything seems to be working fine. I only noticed it because my Atom HE (in another part of the flat) does not do this, and I don’t think the Atom did either some time back. I have tried the power down etc. routine, but nothing changed. The firmware is up to date. I could try a full factory reset, but I’m not sure that anything is wrong, or if it is trying to tell me something and I should do something about it. Anyone else finding this happening? Should I just ignore it?

The power button on my Nova flashes between 4 and 6 times as it powers off. I just figured it was part of the power down process.

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It depends on how you’ve set the Atom when going into standby. If you’ve got server mode switched on or a drive plugged in it won’t flash as you describe(or make clicky sounds) as it’s not going into the lowest power mode.

My Atom started to do this a while ago - I suspect one of the software updates is responsible and is part of the powering off process. In any event it does not seem to be any sort of fault.


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