Atom: can i change default symbol on display (when no art work is available?)

As default when there is no artwork available , you will see constantly the music symbol . Can I change that default to eg the background options as in the app? i see those background as well on the display for the naim atom product advertisements on your website. … thx

I don’t think you can. The display options in the original Naim advertising were never implemented by Naim.

One thing you could perhaps do is supply your own artwork to display if there isn’t other album artwork. What would be involved in doing that depends where/how your music is stored.



I can highly recommend MP3Tag. Lots of people on this Forum use it as an Metadata editor.
If you add the field “Cover”, then drag in your top level Music Folder. The added column shows the size of the cover art, and leave a blank where there isn’t one. You can then sort on this column and see the missing art work. In the example below, I removed the artwork from one track.

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