Atom - Complete Power Loss

My Atom (6 months old) has suffered a complete loss of power (plug fuse changed and spare internal fuse changed) and the dealer has confirmed that it’s completely dead. Currently it’s at Naim for an assessment but I wondered if others have encountered this? Other than this, the Atom, Nova, MusoQb2 and Core have all been working perfectly since I bought them in March - to the point where I feel an imposter on this forum given others’ problems!

I am sure it will get resolved. Did anything happen for this to occur? Lightning strike or anything like that? Or did it just stop working?

Hi Dan - no, I just noticed that the app couldn’t find the Atom, so I went to turn it on manually and discovered that it was completely dead. Everything else in the house is fine, so so don’t think we’ve suffered any form of electrical problem. I’m sure it’ll fixed by the guys in Salisbury!

Try a factory reset. Maybe it will work.

He can’t. He says currently it’s at Naim for assessment!



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