atom + dali rubicon 2

hi everyone (new member here :slight_smile: )
ive ordered a naim atom and dali rubicon 2s , was wondering if anyone has the same and also if i should add a nap 100 amp and what difference it might make… thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi and welcome.
Personally I don’t think adding a NAP100 will make that much difference, if you were considering increasing your budget to this kind of level I would think an ex demo Star could be had for a similar price and would be a better option.

Suspect not a lot, the NAP 100 was designed more as a power amp for the UnitiQute (now discontinued`) which had an output of 30 w per channel or alternatively as a power outlet for the DACV1.

The power amp reputed to go well with the Atom is the NAP200

These all in ones are best left as they are. The power amp upgrade is a stepping stone to separates should you wish to go that way at a later date.

The 100 is the partner of the V1 and were released as a pair. Some used them with the Qute with varying success.

If you can afford it, forget the 100 and go for the Nova instead. It’s far more capable than the Atom.

Thanks everyone, by the sounds of it i think the atom and the rubicons will do just fine … can i ask if anyone knows if the difference is big between mu so first gen and the atom ? (I have mu so)

Hi JC, I wouldn’t say they will. Currently I am driving my Rubicons with SN2 and this amp is in full control of those power hungry boxes. My previous amp was 5Si and although it is a very capable and nicely balanced amp rated at 60W/8ohm, it was showing certain weakness with some “difficult” tracks. Given the power rating of the Atom, feeding such a demanding speaker, sounds like a very unbalanced system to me.

Naim+DALI is not a common combination some might say, but I have these speakers for more than 5 years now, they saw like 3 or 4 amps during this period, and now with SN2 they finally sound as they should, definitely I am keeping those. If you are considering the option of bringing another power amp to the table, probably it would be better to go straight to Nova, financially not that far away from Atom+NAP100 put together.

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