Atom display freezes

I have it once every week: an album cover freezes on the display, whatever I play, its got stuck there. Only by unplugging the Atom I get rid of it. Amy ideas?

I think this is a common issue. I had this with my Nova from new but a software update seems to have fixed it.

Have you updated your Atom?

Which firmware version is your Atom running? If it’s up to date then best contact Naim Tech Support.

Yes it is updated to the latest version, at least that is what it says:


OK, well, I would strongly suggest you contract Naim tech support. R&D are trying to solve this issue for those who are affected, and so as much info as possible from as many affected people as possible will help.

Thanks Richard, will do that. Have a nice day.

Hi Marcel65,

I believe you are running the early beta code that I sent you to see if it resolved the Qobuz issue of where it could stop at the end of a track and not play the next one.

As this is strictly test software at the moment, if you need support give me a shout as our support teams won’t be setup for handling beta R&D code.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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