Atom Display

Is there a way the Atom could display the time when not being used permanently rather than 20 seconds or whatever it is? In a perfect world album artwork when streaming, clock when not. I have an ugly arrow, box, lines, TV.

Nope. Often requested:

There might be a concern about display longevity if always on, but I’m not sure if that’s the reason

Thanks. I have an ugly always on display, just not the one I want.

Is it always on? I think it times out after 12 hours or so, if the unit is configured to never go into standby, but I have an NDX2 and not an Atom, so might be different.

Conversely, it should turn off when/if the unit goes into standby after the time configured in the app in Settings > Other Settings, but again I’m only sure for the NDX2

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