Atom functionality questions

I’m think about selling my NAD 390 DD buying an Atom and have a few basic questions about the functionality… would appreciate is someone could share their experience!

Standby mode

  • When in standby mode, is the Atom visible as a Chromecast / Spotify connect device, which would then wake up the device?
  • Does turning on a HDMI connected TV wake the Atom from standby?


  • When using Spotify connect, does the volume in the Spotify app control the master volume of the Atom? Are there any global limits to stop accidentally setting the volume to 100% and damaging attached speakers?
  • Do Chromecast sources have their own volume, in addition to the master volume? or how does it work?

Input switching

  • I understand the audio source can be switched over automatically by an incoming HDMI signal. Does sending a chromecast/spotify connect signal while watching TV switch is back?

Smart home integration

  • Can you integrate the Atom with Google home routines e.g. Playing a radio station via Chomecast at a certain time and volume?

Thanks for your experiences!

Having an ATOM I can say YES to every single query apart from the last, as I do not use google home. I can ask Siri to play something on the ATOM and it wakes and starts playing though, so most likely yes also.

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Make sure you are comfortable with the atom being 40 watts. It is a very potent 40 watts but I see the NAD is 150watts. As long as your speakers are an easy load you should be fine. I have read many a post where someone has found the atom to sound thin and lack bass. I can assure you that it is not the atom. It is the pairing with the speakers. Mine most definitely does not sound thin. It can drive 2 x 12 “ woofers but my speakers are pretty much 90db sensitivity and are an easy load. Test if you can.


Thanks for the feedback. Sound like it does everything needed.

I think the power should be sufficient - the NAD is hugely overpowered for my current room.

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