Atom glitch

So I turned my Atom on tonight and after the first song I thought to myself this doesn’t sound good , so I tried a few more songs and sure enough it was the same , very quiet and lacking any body , so I unplugged it for a few minutes and tried it , for around 2 seconds is still sounded poor , then suddenly jumped back to how it should sound .
Has anyone encountered this behavior before ?

I think we’ve all seen this to some extent with the Uniti devices,especially after firmware updates when a proper power down, wait and restart will benefit the sound.

No idea why it happens, it seems random, maybe some elusive firmware issue that just causes issues from time to time.

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The current streamers range are fickle beasts, it would seem. Prone to the occasional meltdown, affecting sound quality, screen function etc. I’ve had a couple of odd issues, but they generally seem to sort themselves out.

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A proper unplug is usually a good idea every now and then, especially after updates. Possibly something in the DSP got its knickers in a twist and needed a reset. Think of these things like you would a computer.

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Thanks for the reply,s guys , hopefully its not going to be a common occurrence , hope everyone has a great Christmas :smiley:

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