Atom HDMI lip sync

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I’ve only had my atom for a few weeks and am loving it. Although mainly for music, it is also connected to my tv, which I mainly use a fire tv stick with. I have found that the HDMI connection (with ARC) has inconsistent audio timing, and therefore lip sync continually changes. The optical connection is perfect with 0ms lip sync offset, but then I have to use 2 remotes.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a fix, other than using a programmable remote??

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

This normally happens where there’s a lag from some kind of digital processing talking place. Have you tried adjusting the synch/delay within the TV? Lower end TVs often don’t offer this but yours might well have it.

Had similar, LG OLED thing to Muso2, the LG has a slider type control where you can do what Richard mentioned.

On the Star there is a lip synch option accessible via the naim app for the HDMI, maybe there is with the Atom as well?

Thanks Richard,

The Tv (Panasonic) doesn’t have its own lip sync delay control. It was a flagship model about 5 years ago, so a surprising omission. The Naim app does however, but if I adjust it so that it is about right, within 20 mins it has drifted out of sync again. Strange.

Thanks Paul, yes the Atom app does have it too. But it having got it right, it gradually drifts out of sync again.

Although, so far this evening it seems to be spot on.

I have a Panasonic TV of a similar age to yours and it worked fine immediately I connected the HDMI lead, but you probably don’t want to hear this.

Have you tried unplugging the Atom from the mains and then restarting it it after a couple of minutes? Sometimes this seems to help resolve a multitude of uniti issues.

Thanks Paul. Having pulled my hair out chasing the problem, it’s been completely fine all weekend. I don’t think I’ve actually changed anything, so your probably right, a power cycle or 2 seems to have cleared the issue.

Thanks for all who offered support.

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Some programming can be badly out of sync and nothing you can do to fix it. Amazon prime and Netflix both get Lipsync issues and can drift over the entire program. The worst ones are when picture is ahead of the audio as there is no way to compensate for that as they only give you an audio delay not a picture one.

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I had similar issues with an ND555 and a Samsung LED tv. I assumed it was the FIFO processing in the Naim, but never got to the bottom of it. Funny thing, it works perfectly with my new DAC.

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