Atom HE advice

It looks very ‘space age’ next to the NAP 100!
It’s had a bit of a warm up, so some Zep going on next, just to see if the Dynaudios can do their thing.
(I know the beauties will) :+1:

Help! None of the three cables i own will connect Atom HE to NAP250DR???
3 pin x2 from Atom to single 3 pin of 250 does not seem to exist for some bizarre reason?
This feels like trying to build a PC in the 80’s … :rofl:

You need one made up, various companies do this. Must be unbalanced RCA to 3 pin XLR wired for Naim.

Search function will help you.


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Yeah, some giant PSU fan adapter cables :joy:

Love the HE, very versatile piece of kit. Add an upgrade power cable when you can, if you haven’t already. Really benefits from that!


The Atom HE uses XLRs for its balanced output. The single input on the 250 is unbalanced and has a different pin layout. You need a 2 x RCA to XLR cable.

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I would second the addition of a power/mains cable. In my case the addition of a Power-line to the HE provided immediate SQ improvements.


I got a cheap mains conditioner but don’t want to end up buying other bits, its already cost me an arm and a leg :face_with_peeking_eye: