Atom HE + AE1 actives, which subwoofer to match?

I’m away on holidays and I had a friend receive the ae1 actives for me, and I’m already speculating on the upgrade path before listening to the whole thing.
Atom has no sub out, ae1s have no out at all, rel hi input seems not an option, so the qestion to the wise forum members is: what kind of inputs/outputs should I look for on a subwoofer to match this set-up? I don’t think both atom’s pre-outs can be leveraged simultaneously. I see kc62 has line in and out but I wonder whether I could break something as pre out volume could be higher than expected?
On the other hand after all the recent expenditure kc62 is a bit out of range. Is there a compromise subwoofer that gives max SQ say around £500-600 that can be connected to the rest? I had a t5i in mind and then I started wondering about connections. My only interest is music although tv would go through too.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you really need a sub?

Don’t think you can add one in this situation as there is no option to feed the sub if your using active speakers. That said how do you know you need one until you listen to them at home. Why didn’t you audition first, it’s the only way to know with speakers.

It has rca and xlr. Surely you can add a sub by using the other unused output.

It’s not recommended to use both outputs at the same time could seriously overload the amp.

Don’t know for sure yet but my muso 2 was not enough for me and I think this setup will not be better in terms of bass.

I don think you can fairly compare the muso to the atom and the AE1 very different beast. I would say your better looking at larger actives if your a bass head though as no small speaker system will give you huge amounts of bass.

At present no other speaker form factor will be approved by mrs. Igro, hence the request.

Here’s an excerpt of kc62’s manual, that shows a diagram where source or preamp is connected to kc62’s line input:
Connection to small speakers in a stereo music system
You can use the LINE OUT high pass frequency (HPF) of the KC62 to match the
KC62’s frequency response to speakers.

  1. Connect the amplifier for the speakers to the LINE OUTPUT
  2. Adjust the high pass frequency through LINE OUT HPF to optimize the
    performance of the speakers. Please refer to the frequency settings on the table

Shouldn’t that work?

Yes, that’s how the Kef sub is designed to work. I can’t see why it would be a problem to use it like that from the Atom pre out.

Thanks. And would you know if there are more affordable subs that offer these connections, ideally while honoring the sq of the rest of the system?


Is it safe though to use both Balanced out and unbalanced preouts at the same time?

You wouldn’t need to, the sub has a line out that passes the signal on to the power amp or powered speakers. It also splits the signal so that the LF goes only to the sub, and only the higher frequencies go the the speakers.

Oh I see, so you would just use the lineouts into sub then that passes through to speakers.

Yes, I haven’t used a sub like that myself but it seems like a sensible option (or perhaps the only option) to run a sub with the HE and active speakers.
I’m not aware of any other subs that offer this option without spending a lot of money, but there may be some others out there.

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Personally, I would listen to what you have first before speculating about upgrade paths. You might find the the simply setup you have is all that you need.

And that I’ll do, thanks for the advice.
However I can anticipate I’ll find it lacking and hence the speculation, and question to the forum.
If after audition I find it’s all I need all the better. If not, I’d like to have a plan, rather than start the speculation at that moment.

If you already think it will be lacking, might one ask why you didn’t buy some bigger speakers in the first place?

Form factor and budget
On the other hand, I think it’s not a terrible idea to start with something that performs well say above 60 Hz or so and cover the lower frequencies with a sub.
Just to clarify, I’m really looking forward hearing them and I’m sure I’ll be very pleased by their sound, but I don’t expect them to perform so well in the lower end.

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