Atom HE as Streaming Dac

Hi - does anyone here have experience of using the Atom HE as a streaming DAC.

I have a Nait XS 2 driving a pair of Buchardt S400 SE. My current streamer is a Limetree Network 2 which I stupidly upgraded from the first model. I find the upgrade brighter and thinner (in a bad way) but I was going for the analogue volume control.

So I am now looking to upgrade again and was considering the ND5 XS2 but was slightly out off by the lack of remote particularly when integrated with Roon.

I am wondering how the Atom HE compares when used a straight streamer.

Many thanks

The ND5XS2 is really the right choice here. There’s not much point in paying for a preamp and various headphone outputs you don’t need in the Atom HE.
It’s true that there is no remote with the ND5XS2, but do you really need it? You can control everything from within Roon except for the Nait volume, but you already have a remote for that.


Thanks Chris. I have had a busy week of testing and listening. Currently have a home demo Lindemann MusicBook Source on the rack and hopefully getting a demo ND5 XS2 this week to AB test.

Your points on not needing preamp etc remain with the MusicBook but its primarily a streaming DAC so will be interesting to compare

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