Atom HE Audio drop outs

I’ve had my Atom HE nearly a year now, since launch and i’ve noticed when i listen to a hard drive connected to it after few weeks it starts to now and then have an audio drop out. Today it got more frequent then it just froze with no audio just the album cover. Unplugging it and let stand for a few minutes seems bring it back to normal. Should i be concerned ?

Possibly a sign that the hard drive is developing a fault. Presumably you have backups - if not make some copies now!
Try copying some files to a different drive to make sure the fault is not in the Atom USB input.

The hard drive (Sandisk 1 TB SSD) is relatively new. I have unplugged the Atom HE and plugged it back in and it re-booted and has now been playing for about hour and a half and not one single drop out. Could i presume it could be some kind of cache build up ?

Perhaps, but it’s not an issue I’ve come across before.
Just sticking a few albums on a memory stick, ir any USB drive, would five you some idea of whether the fault lies with the Atom or the USB drive.

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