Atom HE beckons?

I’d stick with your lovely Nait2 if you don’t need anymore power. A better DAC connected to your UQ2 via its digital output would greatly improve the sound of your locally stored music and therefore your enjoyment as well.

The Denafrips Ares2 (unheard but great reviews) or the Qutest (own and lovely) would keep the footprint small and the cost relatively cheap (c/w NDX or 272). It really depends on how much you like your little shoebox I guess.

That is definitely an option - a streamer of some sort plus outboard DAC, plugged into the Nait2.

I’m very open as to which way to go, but in no hurry at all. I do like the idea of keeping it simple though, with just a streamer & amp, or a streamer pre & power amp. That desire for simplicity will factor into things. Adding the NDX to the Nait2 would be easiest option, but also adding a power amp to the UQ2 would also work as a stepping stone to a 272 type unit and also full automation again, which I do miss when using the Nait2, so, just not sure yet. This would also liberate the UQ2 for use elsewhere. I will try and listen to some Chord gear though as it seems so well regarded on the forum.

Marvellous — trying to raise your children as audiophiles? :star_struck:

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Occasionally I escape to this room when things become too hectic :grin:


Just be careful what you do with the Nait2. I have had a 202/NAPSC/HiCap/200, UQ2, SU, Exposure XM5, Atom, 32.5/LPS/110 (different boards in 32.5) and always returned to the Nait2 (I’ve had more than one of them!). I think it is rather special.


@YetiZone I echo @badlyread comments to try the Qutest, this way you can fix the UQ digital output, set the Qutest to 1v (default setting) then feed the Nait 2, please don’t sell the Nait as I think you’ll regret it.


@HiFiman I don’t think there is a default setting. It just reverts to the last setting when it was powered down.

@badlyread & @HiFiman Thanks for the extra detail, the Nait 2 isn’t going anywhere just yet! …

Likewise, I’ve been up and down the Naim ladder, and the Nait2 is a remarkably satisfying little box which sounds better than it should, but it is not viceless, the evident shortcomings often discussed.

I’m not ruling out selling the Nait2, but if I did switch out the amp to perhaps a SN2/3 in the long term, then I would do an extensive side by side dem to determine whether the difference in sound presentation with the system automation side of things would be worthwhile. My (then unserviced) Nait2 saw off a Supernait1 when it was first launched, asking the retailer overseeing the demo, if there was something wrong with the amp (embarrassed emoji). I returned home with the Nait2.

I’ve done a little research on the Chord Qutest, and plaudits abound, so that is an interesting option. I didn’t think the UniQute2 would have been good enough as a stand alone transport to notice the difference when adding a high end stand alone DAC, so this looks like an interesting approach, and would keep things relatively simple as the Chord box is tiny.

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