Atom HE headphone extension cable

Some advice for a new headphone convert please. I take delivery shortly of an Atom HE which will be connected to my Nap 250 DR on my Fraim
Rack. My seating position is around 3-3.5 metres away and I will be using Focal Celestee or Clear MG headphones.

I reckon I need a 4m extension cable. Should I go for a balanced cable, given the length I need, or stay with standard connection and what makes of cable do you recommend please?

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I use a Mark Grant extension cable. Trilogy 931 amp to Focal clear.
Heavy, thick enough to supply power to Coventry. Never found it lacking.
Speak to Mark about balanced. Very helpful guy.
I tend to use his wares over and above known brands.
Grado also make an extension.


Many thanks - I had forgotten about Mark Grant Cables although I recall they have a good reputation for quality at an affordable price. I will contact him for advice

I have a pair of Focal Clear headphones used with a DAC V! whilst the original cableway long enough I found it heavy, cumbersome and uncomfortable.

I purchased a Custom Cans 4 metre lead and it is excellent nice and light and sounds better than the original.

Thanks - I hadn’t heard of Custom Cans but I have now checked out their website - very interesting

Picture of the cable I had made up excellent quality indeed.

FYI Focal do make longer cables that are available as optional extras - if you ask your Focal dealer, they should be able to supply/order in.

Got my 4m balanced cable from custom cans for my Clear Pros. The Focal 5m coiled cable was way too heavy. But I expect well built. Try custom cans. Great sound and colours too.

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That what I found with the Focal cable so so heavy and uncomfortable after 40 years in Motor Transport I’ve used lighter jump start cables!!

There are a new selection of Focal cables to choose from now - essentially longer versions of the cables that come with the headphones themselves.

Thanks for all the ideas and I will pursue although I think Custom Cans or Mark Grant may be the preferred cables as I expect Focal will be a lot dearer

When I was looking I could not believe the price of some of cables some were well over 50% of the cost of the headphones absolutely ridiculous ??

The Clear MG comes with a 3 meter XLR cable. But suppose this is just too short for your needs?

I’m just using that but got a Grado unbalanced extension cable for when I need it. Been using it with my Celestee and the result is pretty good.

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