Atom (HE) Network Question

Has anyone else noticed their Atom/Atom HE beaconing out, ie generating network traffic, over the network, even when in deep standby mode?

Normally, from a network security standpoint, this is viewed as not good…… perhaps evidencing malware (often unknowingly) embedded or concealed within the device firmware.


Deep sleep, or network standby? There is no deep standby. :grinning:

You are indeed correct, deep sleep, ie after pressing power button for 3 seconds.KR, J

Then the official line is that network and remote control connections are all closed so there’s something very odd going on if there is any data going to or from the Atom.

Remote connection is deffo offline, at least the remote won’t switch on the HE, but……l

Time to get the source-destination/packet decoder out. Sigh, really thought I’d left all that sh1t behind……

Thanks Chris,


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