Atom HE or DAP for headphone listening

Hello everybody,

Thinking about the Atom HE i see several highend DAP’s who are very tempting for example those from Astell & Kern…

Anybody had the same question and decided for a DAP in stead of the Atom HE? What and why did you choose for a DAP or the Atom HE?

Hope to read some thoughts and (side by side) exercices…

Oh and another question if i may ask: anybody use a DAP as a source in their Naim set?

I would try to get a listen if I were you. I’ve had a number of A&K DAPs and every time I have soon upgraded to the point where I’m at the AK380 but still tend not to use it so much - even with the add on amp. My old iPod 5th gen and Ponoplayer get much more use: the Pono and a pair of HD600s is s wonderful pairing that just majors on making music.

Another possible approach is to use a (portable) DAC as a headphone amp, such as a Chord Hugo or Mojo.
The Hugo was a popular choice as a fixed DAC in a HiFi system as well as being a great portable device for headphone use.

Using a DAP might require more careful headphone matching as the amp in it may be less capable with demanding headphones. Many users will run them with IEMs which can be great if you want a compact portable setup, but less than ideal with many full blown headphones.

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